Frequently asked questions

Get answers to common questions about Reimburse-It.

Our solution consists of a portal and a travel companion app. With the portal business owners and administrators can manage expenses that are recorded with the travel companion app. Employees can record or schedule in advance any expenses they incur during a business trip and the expense administrators will review against their own policies.
Part of our solution is an open api which allows our software to be integrated with many platforms and services. Many popular software packages or services, for example QuickBooks, offer similair type of integration which makes them a prime candidate for being connected with each other.
This depends on company policy. We provide realtime status updates to companies and business owners, however companies can have their own policies to handle payouts once per month, weekly or daily. Please contact your business administrator in case something goes wrong with your payout.
Our software has built-in support for over 25 countries and forex currency conversions. Any expense occured in a non-local currency will automatically get converted to match foreign countries vat scheme and adjusts the expense claim according to currency conversion rate. Business administrators can payout any expense as-is, and if they have a physical pressence in the destination country they can be eligible to deduct the vat.
As general rule, no. Some countries like the United States require paper receipts for auditing purposes. You can still our service to help streamline the claim process, however you'd still need to be compliant with your countries legisation.
Taxation is based on two factors, the employees fiscal residency and the companies fiscal pressence. To reimburse an expense claim of an employee the company need to follow and be complient with legisation of the country he or she has her fiscal residency. So for example when Jenna lives 8 months in Belgium and 4 months in Germany. The company will need to be compliant with Belgium laws. If they have physical pressence in Belgium they could be eligable for detucting taxes.
In our system a user can be part of multiple organisations or teams. Unique in our system is that you can sign-up with your personal email address and use any of the organisation that were address to you .