Product tour in under a minute

We enhance the expense claim process and make it up to three times faster than traditional methods. With our app the margin of error is reduced by half and the approval flow is quicker leading to faster payments and more satisfied employees. Here's how it goes:

Your travel companion

Never lose receipts again with our mobile app. Start by taking a photo of your receipt, fill out the details and hit the send button to start getting reimbursed.

Realtime portal

All receipts are recorded into a realtime portal for both you and your (finance-) manager. This helps them to review and decide on your expense claim and make the procedures faster.

A solution with benefits for all

Go do what you're great. Nail that business deals, develop those products and let us take care of your expense claims and enjoy these benefits.

For teams & individuals

✓ Realtime reports
✓ Travel companion app
✓ Online portal
✓ Multiple organisations
✓ Foreign currencies & vat

For business owners

✓ Automation via approval rules or public
✓ Virtual assistants
✓ Public API
✓ Applicant Reimbursements

For finance department

✓ Integration support to accounting software
✓ Excel Spreadsheet
✓ PDF reports
✓ Tax Tracking